Can I get local channels on Sling TV?

For those of you who want to watch local channels on their Sling TV, then in such cases you may need to select either Sling Orange pack or Sling Blue pack or the combined pack. It is very much unlike the other live streaming services wherein they offer some of the local channels in their package, there are no local channels included in the Sling Orange pack. The Sling Blue pack would cost you around $25 each month. This pack would come with more than 40 channels. Few of the channels which are included, FX, AMC, FXX, FS1, CNN and plenty of them.

The combined package of Sling Orange and Blue would cost you around $40 each month. This pack contains everything that is already a part of the Sling Blue pack in addition to the eight channels which were exclusive to the Sling Orange pack. This would include the ESPN channels and few of the Disney channels. The combination pack would also allow you to stream on four devices at the same time. Before you go in for the pack, it is important to check which of the local channels would be included in the packs. For this you would need to enter your area zip code on their website. By doing so, it would show you which of the broadcast networks are available in the area.

Now Sling TV has been gradually adding more number of local channels in a certain growing list of markets. Earlier, the TV antenna was the only option to watch local broadcasting network channels. But with the onset of the live streaming services such as Sling TV, you can get local channels streamed legally without the need for a TV antenna. Channels such as NBC, Fox and so on are available based on the area availability. But still these local channels are not available in all of the areas hence people would still need to go in for the TV antenna if the same is not provided by Sling TV.

Not bundling up the local channels in a way would put the Sling TV at a disadvantage when compared to the competitors. Whenever the viewers would want to watch any of their favourite football game or some local baseball game then instead of Sling TV, their first choice would be YouTube TV or DirecTV Now. The lack of providing local channels to the viewers has also led to the slow-down in the viewership for Sling TV. Sling TV still does not carry few of the bigger names such as CW, ABC, PBS and CBS. In such cases, Sling TV normally recommends its viewers to go in for an HDTV antenna for watching those channels absolutely free of cost. Hence the viewers who have Sling TV would need to find out other ways of watching these local channels if not through Sling TV. There are also certain standalone apps such as CBS All Access which can provide you access to CBS live at $4.99 each month.