Can I get local channels with Amazon Fire Stick

The Fire TV Stick is Amazon’s very own streaming device which is very easier to use and understand. This Amazon Fire TV Stick can be connected to the HDMI port of the TV. Once it is connected, you can immediately stream anything including instant videos by Amazon itself, Netflix, PBS Kids and so on. The working of Amazon TV Stick is very much similar to that of the other streaming devices such as Roku or Chromecast. For those of you who have access to Amazon Prime would get free access to all of the Amazon Instant Videos hence in a way it allows you to easily stream the content on the TV screen. The best thing is that it also provides a free 30day trial.

Can Amazon Fire TV Stick replace the TV antenna and provide you with all of the local channels? The answer to this question is, surely Yes it can. For accessing the local programming on the Amazon Fire TV Stick you would need to make use of some skinny bundle or a third party app. Few of the skinny bundles include, Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV and DirecTV Now. Similarly, there are many others as well but these are few of the best ones which are popular as well. Each of these bundles provide local channels which are streamed over the internet at a nominal price.

Hulu Live TV is the one which provides selection of channels. But the availability of the channels would depend on the area of the person. The main page would request you to enter your area zip code so that it can provide you details on what you can exactly expect. This service provided by Hulu Live TV would include most of the national as well as local channels which otherwise you pay a lot of money to the cable or satellite TV providers. The Hulu Live is only for a monthly rental of $40 and the content availability is also wide enough.

The Sling TV is one of the neat service which includes the basic channels as part of their core package. There are main three packages from Sling TV. The Sling Orange, Sling Blue and third is Sling Orange and Blue. Each of these packages provide range of local channels based on where you reside. The Sling Orange would cost around $25 per month and it provides more than 30 channels only for single stream. The Blue package would include more than 40 channels and allows for three streaming. The combination pack is for $40 per month.

Fubo TV is one of the lesser known options but it is surely a must try for all the sports lover. Fubo TV would cost you around $44.99 each month and the Fubo Extra bundle would cost you around $49.99. The basic packages would provide more than 75 channels along with two streaming. The Fubo Extra provides 90 channels along with two streaming option. There are individual networks as well which also have their channels made available through the Amazon Fire TV Stick.