Can I get local channels without antenna?

The cable and satellite TV service prices have been on a rise and it is time to cut the cord and go for other alternatives of watching TV. Earlier they were only TV antennas that had provided entertainment option to its viewers. Gradually with the onset of cable and satellite service, people forgot about antennas and left it behind. However, the antennas are back and they provide all of the local channels which are available in your area. But apart from the antenna, there are multiple other options wherein you can still view all of your local channels.

Online watching: There is even a possibility of watching your favourite local channel online with just the internet connection. There are certain major local stations such as ABC, NBC. Fox, PBS and CBS which provide free online viewing option for its viewers. They provide the same shows which are broadcasted over-the-air. But for few of them the ability to live stream certain shows on any of these major national network may or may not be possible based on multiple factors. Based on your area, few of them may not offer live streaming of the shows. Whereas some of these broadcasting networks offer free viewing of few of their shows along with the live streaming option. The CBS All Access would provide for live streaming starting at $5.99 each month. Again it would be dependent on the area where you reside.

Major networking apps: There has been a shift of technology wherein you not only have a smart TV but also a smartphone. Hence it is not only about the big screen but the small screen is also ruling the market. Hence most of the major networks have provided their official app and they are free of cost. These major network apps are not the same as offered by the local stations. In their app you get access to various programming on their network along with live TV shows that air most of the local channels. Few of the apps include, The NBC app, PBS Video, CBS All Access, CW, ABC and Fox Now. You can download them on Android or iOS. Few of these apps are available free of cost whereas few of them are paid. But even when you talk about paid apps, you get a lot of content available at a reasonable price.

Sling TV: There is a streaming service called as Sling TV which is very much similar to Hulu or Netflix. You can get access to it via internet connection. The main speciality of Sling TV is to share live TV shows instead of the on-demand shows. So in a way it is very much similar to the cable or the satellite providers. However, the cost is quite reasonable wherein they have three different packages. The Sling Orange pack is for $20 each month, the Sling Blue Pack is for $25 each month and the combination of both is for $40 each month. As per their website, they provide certain local channels such as NBC, Fox, ABC in selected markets.